Universal Interface


Take control of your entire home automation system with our Universal Interface solutions, compatible with popular automation platforms like Elan and Savant. Enjoy the convenience of a centralized control interface that allows you to manage and monitor all your smart devices from a single user-friendly application.

Intuitive Control

With our Universal Interface solutions, you can effortlessly control your home’s audio, video, lighting, climate, security, and more through an intuitive interface. Adjust settings, create custom scenes, and manage different aspects of your smart home system with just a few taps or voice commands.

Integration with Multiple Systems

Our Universal Interface solutions seamlessly integrate with various automation systems, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of smart devices. Whether you have lighting control systems, home security systems, or motorized shades, you can access and control them all through a unified interface, simplifying the management of your entire smart home ecosystem.

Customization and Personalization

Tailor your home automation experience to suit your preferences and lifestyle. Our Universal Interface solutions allow you to create personalized profiles, set up automation routines, and customize the user interface according to your specific needs. Experience the convenience of a smart home that adapts to your unique requirements.


At The Audio Gallery, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions for all your home technology needs. From lighting automation and climate control to motorized curtain control, human-centric lighting, home networking, and universal interface integration, we strive to enhance your home and lifestyle with cutting-edge technology and personalized experiences. Contact us today to begin transforming your home into a haven of comfort, convenience, and innovation.