A Day in My life


Imagine a seamless and personalized smart living experience that adapts to your daily routine. Our “A Day in My Life” solutions incorporate intelligent automation, voice control, and predictive algorithms to anticipate your needs and provide a truly customized living experience.

Good morning


Your bedroom shades rise, your home lighting control slowly turns on the lights, and your home warms as you wake. Your favorite song plays to greet you while you check your day’s schedule.

Start Your Day


Drink your coffee and watch the morning news. When it’s time to leave, your lights turn off and thermostats adjust at the command of your voice.

Get Things Done


Human-centric lighting in your home office elevates productivity as you work. When a visitor arrives to your door, remotely view and greet them without leaving your chair.

Unwind After Work


Tapping “Relax” dims your lighting while your whole house audio starts a soothing playlist indoors and on the patio as you enjoy a glass of wine before dinner.

Dressed For Dinner


Bring the music from the patio to the kitchen with just a voice command as your kitchen lights brighten to set the perfect culinary setting.



Enjoy a chapter of your book, then tap “Goodnight” from your bed to lower the shades, turn off the lights, adjust the thermostat and arm your home.