Outdoor Living


Extend your smart living experience to the great outdoors with our outdoor living solutions. From landscape lighting and audio systems to weatherproof displays and automated shading, we create immersive and connected outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Entertainment

High-performance speakers fill the space with sound while anti-glare weatherproof TVs offer a 4K brilliant image rain or shine. Experience intuitive access to all your favorite entertainment.

Hidden Technology

Effortlessly neutralize the effect of technology on your décor. Hide speakers in walls and ceilings, flawlessly flush-mount switches and touchpads, and camouflage displays using custom mounts.


Set your mind at ease with high performance cameras featuring stellar resolution and advanced video analytics.



From the garden to the basketball court, smart technology provides the perfect balance of splendor and functionality to your outdoor domains. Revel in the possibilities below.

High Performance Audio

Achieve audio perfection with high-performance speakers that offer striking power, clarity and depth. Tailor the space for outdoor audio that offers the ideal sonic performance.

Wi-Fi / Networking

Unmatched signal strength for 4K streaming video and high-resolution sound without freezing or lagging.

Media Control

Refined control of all your technology tailored to match your family’s needs and preferences. Elegant keypads replace switches, voice control eases your day-to-day and touchpads streamline your routines.


Create the perfect backyard oasis with user-friendly pool and spa automation while enjoying environmental controls to set the perfect mood with audio and lighting.

Never experience weak or lost connection with extended wireless access points for strong, reliable signal around your outdoor property.
Enjoy the perfect pool environment with system integration that enables water feature and lighting control as well as automating daily pool equipment functions.
Elevate your backyard and increase security with strategically placed landscape lighting that can turn on and off automatically based on the time of day and enhance your home’s exterior.

Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Outdoor Entertainment · Surveillance · Wi-Fi · Underwater Audio · Pool & Spa Automation · Outdoor Lighting

Sample Solutions


Breathe life into your gardens with layers of accent lighting and weather-resistant, high-performance audio for a striking landscape.

Open your garage door from down the road, or from across the country. Get notifications directly to your smartphone if you accidentally leave the garage door open.
Monitor your outdoor spaces in real time from any location. Receive alerts to your smartphone when unexpected activity is detected.
Deter potential intruders with lighting and alarms that activate when triggered by motion. Remote security system access enables maintenance personnel to perform scheduled duties.

Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Surveillance · Smart Security · Outdoor Lighting · Outdoor Audio · High-Performance Audio · Wi-Fi · Heated Driveway

Sample Solutions


Escape to the patio to enjoy the beautiful vistas while relaxing to your favorite soundtrack and enjoying the perfect environment thanks to smart shading and lighting control.

Take the party outdoors after sunset with elegantly tailored lighting fixtures that illuminate pathways and enhance your home’s architecture.
Watch the game while you grill out with weather-proof, anti-glare 4K video displays that resist the elements for unbeatable clarity and brightness.
Revel in the awesome power and clarity that comes with a well engineered multi-channel speaker system designed to withstand the elements and provide striking audio for all occasions.

Common Solutions

Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · Weather-Proof Video Displays · Outdoor Lighting · Outdoor Audio · High-Performance Audio · Wi-Fis

Sample Solutions


Delight in outdoor dining and entertainment with optimized lighting and immersive audio and video that complements any dinner or celebration.

Enjoy immersive audiophile quality audio with professional grade loudspeaker systems designed to withstand the elements and provide many years of listening pleasure.
Relax knowing your extended coverage access points have your entire property covered with reliable and consistent connectivity optimized for performance.
Watch the game while you grill out with weather-proof, anti-glare 4K video displays that resist the elements for unbeatable clarity and brightness.

Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Smart Home Control · Weather-Proof Video Displays · Outdoor Lighting · Outdoor Audio · High-Performance Audio · Wi-Fi

Sample Solutions


Instantly receive notice when someone arrives to your gate and control access from anywhere via your smartphone or touch panel.

Easily communicate with visitors at the gate from your smartphone or tablet while you’re still inside the house or out of town.
Effortlessly enter and exit your property with automated gates that open and close upon sensing your vehicle’s unique ID tag. Command your gate remotely for visitor access.
Remotely view live or recorded video of your gated entries and receive alerts when someone approaches or attempts to enter or exit your property.

Common Solutions

Smart Security · Surveillance · Entry Systems/Access Control · Remote Access/Monitoring · Intercom · Motorized Gates · Heated Driveway

Sample Solutions


Show off your prized automobile collection in a lavish garage suite with radiant accent lighting, around-the-clock surveillance and vibrant audio and video.

Set the perfect scene for every occasion including modes to place focus on your vehicles, hold celebrations or a clean-up scene to amp up the light levels to aid your cleaning the shop.
Secure your entries remotely with integrated access control and monitor from your smartphone. Have your video doorbell notify when a package arrives, or let guests in without getting up.
Monitor your garage and its perimeter in real time from any location. Receive alerts to your smartphone when unwanted activity is detected.

Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Multi-room Audio · LED Lighting · Hidden Audio Video · Surveillance · Video Displays · Smart Security

Sample Solutions