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BANGKOK, THAILAND - AUGUST 12 2016: Beautiful luxury living room interior decoration in Hotel

Discover the myriad possibilities of our lighting systems:

At The Audio Gallery, we specialize in crafting, conceptualizing, and delivering cutting-edge lighting control systems that redefine the ambiance of your living space.

  • Craft enchanting scenes that accentuate the unique architecture or showcase prized artworks.
  • Effortlessly extinguish all household lights with a single tap, fostering unparalleled
  • Experience enhanced safety in critical situations, like a fire, where our automated system guides you to safety with strategically illuminated pathways.
  • Whether you’re away on vacation or simply out for the evening, our lighting innovation creates an illusion of an occupied home, enhancing security.
  • Efficiently manage and curtail your energy consumption, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

At The Audio Gallery, we illuminate your world with unmatched sophistication and innovation.

Complete Smart Home Symphony

Our expert installation team at The Audio Gallery orchestrates a visual masterpiece in your home. Highlighting artwork, accentuating architectural details, and creating whole-house scenes with dynamic lighting techniques, we transform your living spaces into a harmonious blend of technology and aesthetics.

Let us curate a symphony of light that complements and enhances the unique features of your home, creating an environment that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Are you ready to redefine your home with advanced lighting automation? Let’s Illuminate Your Vision! Contact The Audio Gallery today to embark on a journey of intelligent living that transcends the ordinary and embraces a future of limitless possibilities.

Design A Smart Home



The biggest step in the process is designing the right system to fit the unique space, lifestyle, and needs of a client. Innovative’s design process custom configures a system based around a client’s interests, life rhythms, home atmosphere, and desires. We work with clients to design, engineer, and plan a complete technology system as well as interface with architects, builders, and designers.



Our team of industry experts will install all the elements of your technology system with attention to detail, excellence, and professionalism. We are on site through all phases of your project : Pre-Wire • Device Install • Display Mounting • Rack Building – all to ensure every aspect or your system is installed and integrated for you to have the absolute best user experience.



Once the devices and components are installed, our next phase of service is to program the system to connect all devices to control your space. This is the culmination of the intentional design and integration process. And where our programming technician syncs your connected technology to your lifestyle to make sure your smart home is working for your across every system you depend on and enjoy.

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